City Electronics’ mission is to best serve our customers. We are committed to providing our customers with competitive prices, wide product selection, convenient locations and professional customer service. We firmly believe that good shopping experience is essential to building customer goodwill and royalty. In order to maintain our market leadership and competitive strengths, City Electronics is seeking to expand its retail network for the customer convenience, City Electronics is one of Pakistan’s largest home Appliances show case with product variety and availability of products ranging from kitchen appliances to hair care.

Looking ahead, we are striving to further strengthen our market leadership. The Group through precision management will enhance the operational quality and efficiency and will focus on a host of initiatives including: rapid and focused expansion of our store network, improving supply chain management, setting up regional logistics centers, refining the stores region wide, expanding the range of product offerings, raising customer and interest and visit by introducing high-end differentiated products, improving consumer’s experiences and relations with suppliers, and striving to enhance its business model.